As a parent there is nothing more daunting then leaving your children with “strangers” but the thing is within 5 minutes of walking into blairmount kids, they become your extended family, they love my boys when I’m at work, they care for them, play with them, teach them, they are an extension of you when you can’t be there.
They do more then teach them their ABC and 123 they teach them to be kind, to laugh, to share, to participate with friends. There’s not a day where my boys don’t have a smile on their face when they tell me about their day, and more importantly there’s always a smile on the teachers faces when I ask them.
The center is amazing from having a child in the babies room to their school readiness program they have not only helped my boys get ready for what’s next in schooling but reassured me along the way. I can not praise the center enough, the teachers are incredible and the programs they run.

Kayla Larsen

In the three years that my son has been attending Blairmount Kids Learning Academy I have seen him flourish in more ways than one. He has a strong bond with many of the ladies at daycare because they are beautiful ladies that are very caring, loving and would do absolutely anything for the children. My son will miss all of his friends and his teachers tremendously when he starts school, and has made me promise to take him to Blairmount Kids to see his friends and teachers on a regular basis.

Mrs Almer

The team at Blairmount kids provide a caring and nurturing environment not only for the children attending but for the child’s entire family. I have been able to put my trust in the team to be sensitive to the needs of each of my children and provide the very best in care, positive health and nutrition education and lunch/snack menu’s, and an engaging curriculum.
The team go above and beyond in their efforts to integrate family with childcare creating a community environment for all involved. Examples include, pyjama week, Christmas concerts, birthday celebrations, visits from reptile workers, fireman and other fun adventures, celebration of cultural events such as NAIDOC week. The team at Blairmount kids also provide information on a very regular basis not only about each child but about the community and always encourage more integration between families and the centre. Examples include: regular newsletters, ‘day books’ containing details and pictures of each child’s day plus a child’s portfolio at the end of each year, health information to warn families of disease outbreaks in the local community, child safety advise, details about parenting seminars etc. All of the above combined, along with the smiles on the educators and children’s faces create an outstanding experience for the children and families.

It’s not easy leaving your children at childcare, but the team at Blairmount kids make it easy. Despite the pit at the bottom of your stomach, you have a great sense of relief knowing your children are well known, well cared for and well taught. The team treats each child as an individual and helps them reach their full potential.
The team are creative, enthusiastic and warm. They genuinely incorporate parent feedback and bring as many outside events into daily practice, The team knows when to give the children a hug and how to make them smile. They have the desire to get to know the children well and create so many enjoyable individual and group experiences for them. They also go that extra mile for the children with additional needs – this isn’t always easy – as you put twice as much in and get half as much in return. I feel so relieved to have found Blairmount kids for my children. They are a great little family, that are truly a cut above the rest.

Soley Hjaltason