What We Offer

What do we offer:

Blairmount Kids is a 39 placed center offering long day care a stunning natural backyard encapsulating playscapes, fully structured teamed up with 8 passionate and educated staff all trained in childcare and education, first aid and child protection. Blairmount Kids has been given a rating of Exceeding against the national quality standards which means that we have been ranked among the top 28% of centers in Australia.

Why is this center rated exceeding you ask?

Blairmount kids follows a full school readiness program that matches closely with the NSW kindergarten syllabus. This explores aspects of not only colors, letters and numbers but also aspects of volume, measurement, role play, public speaking, geometry, biology, self – help skills, social skills such as making friends and how to approach others if you are feeling lonely, confidence building, use of I pads, Maths, sounds and much much more. Blairmount Kids also has a school readiness room where children explore for a few hours each day and participate in activities and learn how to self-direct their own learning working in small groups and rotating activities.

Blairmount Kids also participates in the Busy Buzzy Learners program with Blairmount school each week from term 2 where children travel to the school.

Blairmount Kids also participates in many incursions across the year each offering an educationally based topic such as a dairy farm where children understand how to create milk, cheese and cream.

Other incursions include:

  • Butterfly enclosures (discussing lifecycles)
  • Multicultural food days
  • Parent teacher nights with teachers and local school principals
  • Reptile shows
  • Aboriginal dancers
  • Police and fire brigade visits
  • Father’s day morning tea and show
  • Christmas concerts and Graduation
  • Chicken hatching and lifecycle
  • The Gigalees shows as seen on ABC TV
  • African drummers
  • Under the sea incursions
  • Healthy Harold
  • Tiny teeth dental education
  • Shake n move gross motor program
  • Mother’s day pamper morning tea
  • Funky bugs performance
  • Half yearly and yearly reports
  • Taronga Zoo visit
  • Nappies are included
  • Meals are included
  • Hat and shirt on enrolment

Blairmount Kids prides itself in working with the families and local community to meet the needs of your child. Meaning your child’s needs are our number one priority and we welcome therapists, speech therapists, occupational therapists to our centre to help to continue enhance your child’s development and needs.

Blairmount kids embeds sustainability deeply into the program and children from birth to 5 years are exposed to a more sustainable approach throughout each day such as using left over water to give to the veggie patch, planting and growing veggies, caring for a worm farm, recycling paper and using old boxes, bottles and containers to create with.

Blairmount kids works with children from 6 weeks to 5 years and also offers after school care from 5-12 year olds and is operating from 7am-6pm Monday to Friday excluding public holidays. We would love to show our center to you in person and meet your children. Places are limited so please call or send through an enquiry to ensure your place does not get missed at Blairmount kids.